Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Real eStorebuilder Review

So eStoreBuilder calls itself an 'affiliate marketing game changer', but what are the facts? What is it, is it any good and should you buy it? eStoreBuilder is internet based software which allows you to build your own health & fitness supplement store, including a shopping cart, with a few clicks of your mouse. You earn commission on all the products sold from your eStore, with payments up to $257 for a single sale. It's membership based with everything accessible online, so you can run your store from any PC with an internet connection. As a member you are assigned an account manager to help and advise you and there's live chat available too. But here's the interesting part. Although you get all the benefits of an e-commerce site, it's still based on the affiliate model, meaning you don't deal with any stock, deliveries or customers. Sounds good so far. But how is that possible? eStoreBuilder is partnered with and powered by, one of the webs top health & fitness supplement retailers. They have spent over 12 months developing the software to make it possible for someone without experience to choose a few options, click a few buttons and have their own e-commerce store, selling health & fitness supplements. Once your store is live, any orders taken through your shopping cart are dealt with directly by They deal with the payment processing, dispatch, delivery. One of the reasons that an eStore seems like a great route for affiliates, is that Google has been clamping down on poor quality affiliate sites lately. You can no longer throw something together and expect to make money. They want high quality content before they'll rank you anywhere near the top of the results. However, the eStoreBuilder model is an affiliate marketers dream, because it's not just a review site or a comparison site littered with your affiliate link. It has a shopping cart and sells actual physical products, so it's obviously classed as an online shop. Much better for Google rankings and lots of free visitors. We think eStoreBuilder is a 'game changer', because you get all the benefits of true affiliate marketing, without the downsides. This way of doing things avoids the problems of getting your affiliate site ranked because Google will embrace you, rather than look down on you. And the eStoreBuilder platform also allows you to add articles and content to your store making it even more attractive to Google. We think because the days of quickly thrown together affiliate sites ranking in google are long gone, eStoreBuilder offers a truly intelligent alternative. The stores look attractive and good quality, you're selling high quality products, you can add content, have your own domain name and you get full on support, to help you get started and grow your income. Some people will continue to look for 'the next big thing' promising overnight riches, but if you want a legitimate online business that you can grow to virtually any level you want, that you can set up in around 15 to 30 minutes and you don't want to deal with customers, stock or deliveries, eStoreBuilder is certainly worth a closer look.  check it out
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